Well Said

Though I did not watch the coverage of Wednesday’s memorial service in Tucson, I must applaud President Obama in his message and tribute to the victims of such a senseless tragedy. He realized it was not the time or place for the so called rhetoric so much in the forefront of the news. Instead he urged the nation to focus on the hopes and expectations of those lost. A fitting legacy for them. I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the University of Arizona’s staging…t-shirts..banners…the theatrics…not really in good taste.

Unfortunately, it is doubtful his purported idealogical counterparts in the media and government will heed his words. The American left continues to exploit the tragedy to enhance where they stand in eyes of the public. At least that’s what they hope. Though not an avid supporter, I can understand Sarah Palin’s outrage in their unmitigated attempts to paint her as an accomplice to murder. Their shallow, feeble and feigned response to her reaction is the latest in their malicious behavior. To put is bluntly, you guys started it! The pin headed columnists wasted no time in launching their attacks…literally less than an hour after incident. Combine that with the ineptness of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and his political posturing and you have perfect examples of the motives of these people. Destroy and malign anyone who disagrees and paint them as not even worthy of possessing an opinion. It’s shame and deceit made into an art form.

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