The Usual Hysterics

Taking a look at another area of current events today, we learn of Steve Job’s plans of late for another medical leave from his duties at Apple. The face and much of the brains behind Apple’s success, Mr. Jobs is dealing with a troublesome illness prompting his second leave in about as many years. Of course, to no one’s surprise, the press is reacting as expected. They’re ready to write the company off with doubts about its future and the ability of maintaining their lead in the tech sector:

“…raising uncertainty over his health and the future of the world’s most valuable technology company.” ~ The Wall Street Journal

“Jobs takes sick leave at Apple again, stirring questions” ~ The New York Times

“Steve Jobs medical leave rattles Apple, markets” ~ The Los Angeles Times

“Questions arise about future of Apple” ~ The Washington Post

“Will Jobs absence take toll on Apple stock?” ~ USA Today

One of the few with any common sense is John Paczkowski at All Things Digital. He makes note that Jobs created Apple and infused the company with the ability to continue to innovate and advance. Of course, the mainstream media is content to trumpet the company’s demise. They would enjoy nothing more. As in politics, the worthless “third estate” relishes the idea of doom, gloom and failure. Templates which have come to describe the press itself more and more with each passing day.


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