Frances Fox Piven…Tea Partier?…or MORE Hypocrisy?…

TV big mouth Glen Beck is passionate…to say the least…or it appears that way. An interesting piece in today’s NY Times brings to light a matter that, unless you’re a regular viewer of his program, you’d likely not know a thing about. One of Beck’s ongoing themes is the purposeful destruction of the U.S. economy. A theory not all that far fetched under this Administration. Ms Piven, a CUNY professor, along with her husband Richard Cloward, published a plan some 45 years ago which “proposed that if people overwhelmed the welfare rolls, fiscal and political stress on the system could force reform and give rise to changes like a guaranteed income” as reported by the Times.

Beck theorizes their plan was an intentional effort to bring on economic collapse and they still support its ideas to this day. Whether they do or not is not the current issue. Ms Piven claims that Beck’s constant references are endangering her and inciting violence. Beck claims the proposal of the Cloward Piven plan incites violence. A contention Ms Piven denies. Herein lies a point of note.

“That is not a call for violence…there is a kind of rhetorical trick that is always used to denounce movements of ordinary people, and that is to imply that the massing of people itself is violent”…Ms Piven is quoted as saying. Hmmm…wonder where I’ve heard that before…I think it’s safe to say the mainstream and left leaning media applied that description to some other “ordinary people” over the last couple of years. They were considered violent…dangerous..racist..bigoted. How about giving them credit where credit is due, Ms Piven. Oh, that’s right. “There are hundreds and hundreds of people who are just boiling with anger and hate”. Quite a different attitude than those who might “overwhelm” the system, I’m sure.


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