Talk is Cheap…

“Obama Turns Focus to Job Creation”

“Obama to recast agenda to focus on jobs, deficit”

“GE’s Jeffrey Immelt to Obama: Focus on jobs, economy”

“Obama pledges renewed focus on jobs”

With the State of the Union speech scheduled for this Tuesday, the media is already trumpeting the President’s planned focus on the unemployment situation in this nation. By the way, the above headlines are from LAST year…and beyond. How conveniently they forget we’ve been fed this line before…promised time and again that this President would turn his laser beam attention to the dire straits of the economy. We’re still waiting Mr. President. His cohorts in the press will likely lavish praise upon his speech…his renewed vigor and he is turning things around after the crushing defeat for the Democrats in November. Typically they will turn a blind eye to his empty promises of the past and how he continues to give lip service and nothing more, to the American people.


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