Business as usual….

Some media excerpts on the President’s speech last night…..I didn’t tune in..what’s the point?…

“If President Obama’s intent last night in his State of the Union Address was to avoid raising hackles, well — mission accomplished.”

He studiously avoided controversy and substance. And when he brought up policy issues, he cloaked his true goals in a who-can-argue-with-that kind of way.”  ~ The New York Post

Mr. Obama’s call is more abstract. It poses no concrete objective, like putting a man on the moon. Mr. Obama was simply touting his new budget proposal. He would like to see the same level of national commitment as during the space race, but without a goal, without passion, and certainly without identifying any country as an adversary. In fact his self-possessed “Sputnik moment” is a lifeless call for more aimless government programs and regulatory meddling.” ~ The Washington Times

“For much of his State of the Union speech, Obama preached austerity. He called for a five-year freeze in domestic spending, but acknowledged that significant deficit reduction would require even more painful measures, such as reining in the costs of Medicare and Medicaid. It wasn’t clear that austerity would extend to Social Security benefits. He implied that he might oppose not only cuts for current recipients but changes in benefits for future ones. The president’s approach to controlling the growth of entitlement spending is still too vague and timid, but he’s hardly alone.” ~ The Los Angeles Times

“Watching Obama speak, we recalled with a smile Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell‘s quip on “Fox News Sunday”: “With all due respect to our Democratic friends, any time they want to spend, they call it investment, so I think you will hear the president talk about investing a lot Tuesday night.” Sure enough, Obama’s remarks included 13 variations on “invest” — plus nine variations on “compete.” That’s Obama’s rationale for more spending in education and infrastructure: He says he wants to invest to make the U.S. more competitive with China and other rising economies.” ~ The Chicago Tribune

“PRESIDENT OBAMA entered office promising to be a different kind of politician – one who would speak honestly with the American people about the hard choices they face and would help make those hard calls. Tuesday night’s State of the Union Addresswould have been the moment to make good on that promise. He disappointed.” ~ The Washington Post

“Tonight’s remarkably dull State of the Union address was dominated by President Obama’s heavily flawed vision for reviving the American economy, with plans that remain overwhelmingly mired in an outdated Big Government mentality, and which spectacularly failed to include a coherent strategy for eliminating America’s massive $14 trillion debt.” ~ Nile Gardiner – The Telegraph UK

No doubt you can find praise and scorn out and about on the web…but I think many will agree that this President did nothing but disguise his so called shift to the center with smoke and mirrors. He will not likely convince many that his core beliefs have not changed..nor will they ever.



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