Is the honeymoon over?

The answer: I seriously doubt it. That “honeymoon” would be the press corps relationship with the Obama administration. ‘The Hill‘ is reporting their displeasure with what they perceive as a lack of access to the President. Especially in light of the events of this week. They contend they have been shut out and not allowed to ask the President a question…whether the question is related to the event in which they are in attendance or not. All of this feigned indignation doesn’t convince me one bit. Granted most of the admiration comes from feature writers, but this press in general has been soft on this President for years. They continue to look the other way over a variety of issues…Obamacare, the START treaty, immigration reform…just to name a few. They are hardly given the scrutiny they deserve…combined with the press’s continued adoration of President Obama..”his vision”..”his bouncing back”…”he has that campaign moxie”. Perhaps if the press did their job, they would see this President for what he really is. An empty suit who managed to convince the American voter he was the answer to their problems. Sadly, he IS the problem.


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