A House of Cards

Once again the Democrats make fools of themselves as they jockey for position on an issue. This time it’s the debt ceiling. The matter will soon come up as it will be time for the government to essentially give itself a credit increase. An increase as it continues to spend and spend and spend…like there’s no tomorrow. Which may very well be the case. ‘The Hill’ reports it’s the Democrats talking shutdown in the event of a failure to raise the ceiling. Not the Republicans. Citing the three highest ranking Senate Democrats as indicating it’s a possibility. While the walking corpse, Harry Reid, says “One thing we can’t do is take extreme steps like shutting down the government and forcing the United States government to default on its obligations”. So which is it?..

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn calls their bluff:

“This crap that’s being put out now isn’t about anything true, it’s about a political agenda,” he said. “The American people want a fix and they want us to do it together and nobody is talking about shutting down the government.”

I think we could use MORE straight talk like that in Washington. The Democrats continue to show how serious they are about doing ANYTHING to combat the serious problems this nation faces. Their concern lies in political rhetoric and political theater. Hoping their fake concern will generate some sort of capital. In reality it shows just how shallow, transparent and petty they really are.


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