The Wool over our eyes…

Despite the fact the Black Eyed Peas were dispensing advice to this President during their usually lackluster Super Bowl half-time performance, I’m not one to believe much has changed with this man. This, as predicted months ago, that he has changed…he’s moved to the center…he’s bouncing back in the polls. The predictable press jumps on the bandwagon heralding what they perceive as new political vigor. He IS the driving force in Washington. Just as they have hoped he would be. The continually off base Politico gleefully proclaims how President Obama is “playing the press like a fiddle”. Even as they admit it is reporters who are enamored of a President seen as trying to be bipartisan and “ideologically centrist”. In other words, we know Obama plays us for fools, but we love it anyway.

Over at ‘The Hill’ the President claims he’s definitely NOT moving to the center. This revealed in an article covering Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and his strategically timed pre-Super Bowl interview. Citing what he called a “complete crisis” the President defended his administration’s agenda over the past two years. Claiming there’s “nothing socialist” about his healthcare reform act, he still puts forth the notion that he’s open to ideas on changes and tweaks to the bill. As if that will ever happen!

Finally, though he denies an idealogical shift, the President is scheduled to address the Chamber of Commerce on Monday. Just a few months ago he assaulted the organization over records of their political donations prior to the November elections. It’s reported by the White House that “no olive branch” will be offered, but you can rest assured this President will do all he can to give the appearance of one. And once again, that fiddle will be playing loud and clear!


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