A Train to Nowhere

In the latest “let’s try this” scheme, it was announced yesterday by the Obama Administration a proposal to spend $53 billion promoting construction of “a national high- speed, intercity passenger rail network“. Announced by that buffoon, Joe Biden, it’s an expansion on top of $10.5 billion already spent since this President entered office. Hmmm..wonder what we have to show for that! This costly proposal is just another feeble attempt by the Administration to appear proactive in “job creation” and “improving our infrastructure”. Sure, in theory, such a network would be ideal for those in the targeted regions of the country. The question is, would they take advantage of it? Probably not. Another impediment is property right-of-way…not to mention how it will be decided which cities warrant a stop along the way. The Administration is likely worried more about their appearance in the matter more than any other concern. I suppose it’s currently fashionable to be in favor of the idea…at the moment. The practicality of it all is conveniently overlooked. Robert Samuelson at Newsweek splashes some cold water in the face of those swooning over the prospect:

“Here’s what we wouldn’t get: any meaningful reduction in traffic congestion, greenhouse-gas emissions, air travel, or oil consumption and imports. Nadazip. If you can do fourth-grade math, you can understand why”, he reported last October.

Let’s face it. The Obama Administration continues to throw whatever they can come up with at the nation’s fiscal difficulties and hope something sticks. So far, I’d say this strategy has not worked. It continues to drive home the fact this President and his circle base their response to problems on whatever trend may show them in a brief, favorable light. And with society today, that period “in the sun” is getting shorter and shorter. The Federal government continues to spend as a possible solution. A solution IT IS NOT. Rather than removing the shackles of restriction and obstacles placed on the private sector, it exists to burden the tax payer while demonizing those who history has shown could do a far superior job of turning this country around.


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