The Desperate Democrats

The Obama regime has managed to pull quite a bit over on the American people. All under the guise of what is deemed “change you can believe in” of course. California representative Darrell Issa took it upon himself to dare question the tactics and deployment of Obamacare…various department czars…among other things. Rather than proceeding with a course designed to defend their actions, seems a group of liberal operatives (with Democrat support, no doubt) has taken it upon THEMSELVES to see what they can come up with on Issa. This tactic is a standout in the Democratic playbook. Demonize and discredit…never mind the validity of any claims.

Looking into the players charged with the battle plan you can understand why they do what they do. SCN Strategies, a San Francisco based political consulting firm apparently has a ruthless, hardball reputation. These guys have managed to stick their collective noses in quite a bit of muck over the years. Specializing in smear campaigns must be their forte’. One partner, Averell “Ace” Smith was described by one blogger in 2007:

“Four-eyed,meek,mild mannered,geek,Ace Smith was bullied by Rednecks in his childhood.In college his favorite movie was Revenge of the Nerds.He is certainly out to get the Animal House RePUBS!”

Explains a lot right there.

“The Third Lantern” is the established site created as a staging point for attacking Rep. Issa. A poster at Red State did an excellent job exposing who’s behind this “Lantern”…

“Let’s see who from SCN Strategies might be involved in the anti-Issa “The Third Lantern.” Could there be any self-serving connections to the Democratic Party or to major labor unions? SCN Stategies’ Ace Smith has worked seemingly exclusively for candidates for the Democratic Party. SCN Stategies’ Sean Clegg worked in crisis management for SEIU. According to a recent California Fair Political Practices Commssion (FPPC) report, SEIU is the second largest political spender in California politics, second only to the California Teachers Association (SOURCE:, page 10, “The 15 That Spent $1 Billion to Influence California Voters and Public Officials”). According to data, SEIU has also been the largest spender in national 527 committee campaigns (SOURCE:”

Why am I not surprised there’s a connection to the SEIU?….

Just continues to show you that there is no level these people will not stoop to in order to advance their agenda. Nevertheless, rest assured we will be on their ass for as long as it takes!


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