Full of holes….

Ok…you people in Wisconsin have some SERIOUS problems!…Apparently the government sector workers don’t care for the actions of Gov. Scott Walker…to say the least. The state faces a $3.7 billion shortfall and true to form the unions have refused to face facts. The proposals are as follows:

“Walker’s plan would force state workers to cover half of their pension contributions and 13 percent of their own health insurance costs. Walker would strip government unions of the power to collectively bargain for higher wages unless approved by a public vote. The plan would also end compulsory dues payments for state workers.”

If changes are not made, layoffs would likely follow. The money simply IS NOT THERE! But of course that doesn’t matter to state workers…teachers…and various public employees. Their “fuck you” attitude over wages, benefits and pensions is being challenged and they don’t like it one bit!. Especially in a liberal hotbed like Wisconsin. How dare someone come in here and attempt to make changes! We’re not giving up anything! The taxpayers be damned! Government union employees are a definitely a large Democrat demographic, so they will do whatever it takes to keep that at the status quo. Seems the state skims off union dues from paychecks to pass on to labor groups. Gov. Scott’s proposal would make that voluntary. Can’t have that, now can we?!

Protests even went so far as to bring out high school students. I can only imagine being pulled out of class by your teacher to attend a protest rally for his/her union! We are beyond the fact these groups need to realize the people that pay the bills are out of cheese! Sorry they feel “picked upon”. But it’s dire straits folks! The free ride is OVER!

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