The War Begins

The battle lines have been drawn and you’re witnessing the first salvos in Madison, Wisconsin this week. Sadly, but not unexpected, our President has made it quite clear which side he supports in the struggle. Union factions in Wisconsin have shown their where their allegiance lies. They have declared war on the taxpayers of the state. Governor Scott Walker has had the guts to take on a massive financial crisis in the state and he has been met with the fury and vitriol of the political left. He has asked for concessions on top of limiting the collective bargaining rights of certain sectors of the public workforce. The latter is an attempt to reign in their continued practice of holding the state hostage to various job related demands in perpetuity. Can’t say I fault him for that tactic. Included are collective bargaining for base pay only, union dues no longer collected by the state on the union’s behalf, annual secret ballots for continued union certification, and union dues to become voluntary. These long held practices of the union are really nothing more than their vise grip on power. And they know it. Gov. Walker has called them on it and they’re screaming bloody murder. Add to that what he is asking for in their contributions to their own healthcare and retirement. Far, far below what most Americans pay. And again, they know it! As mentioned at the Tea party sponsored counter protest, it’s high time 10% of the workforce stopped getting 90% of the attention! The private sector work force makes the public sector workforce possible!

I’m reminded of a funny scene in the 1995 remake of the movie ‘Sabrina’. A confrontation between the Larrabee brothers, Linus (Harrison Ford) and David (Greg Kinnear) brings Linus’s frustration with his brother’s cavalier attitude to a head:

David: You’re talking about my life!

Linus: I pay for your life, David. My life makes your life possible!

David: I resent that!

Linus: So do I!

I think you can guess who is the union and who is the taxpayer in this scenario!


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