Let’s summarize…shall we?!

I’ll be honest. The above thought crosses my mind just about every week. I began to think back about the major events of this administration over the past two years. If you haven’t already figured it out, this President has been at odds with the majority of American voters on nearly every issue.

It began with healthcare overhaul. A contentious piece of legislation, to say the least. Poll after poll showed the electorate against it. A costly, confusing behemoth of federal jurisdiction. To add insult to injury, the law was passed by the disastrous Democrat Congress before we were even told what the bill consisted of! Now we find it will be more costly than originally projected!

The BP catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico initially saw an indifferent response from the Administration but ultimately led to an Obama regime blackmailing BP for $20billion! It did nothing more than create a slush fund with feds “overseeing” the payouts! Follow this mess, President Obama sought a moratorium on drilling..virtually destroying a major portion of the Gulf coast economy. His cavalier attitude was no more evident than when he told Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal those out of work could get an unemployment or compensation check!

The state of Arizona DARED to pass and enact their own law in response to an illegal immigrant problem which the federal government has turned a blind eye to. Despite the fact the Arizona legislation mirrors federal statutes, what does the Obama administration do? The Justice Department takes Arizona to court. Your President and his party actively siding against an U. S . state for political expediency!

The city of New York saw more than its share of controversy with the attempt to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Though it was agreed the right to build such a place of worship (though it would likely be more than that!) exists, it was definitely not in the best taste..considering the feelings of the families of the 9/11 victims…and most other Americans for that matter. The President practically insisted it be allowed rather than appealing for consideration of those who take offense.

The summer also saw consideration of a bill in the U. S. Senate which would hand the President a figurative kill switch for the internet. All in the name of homeland security. I can only imagine how that may play out! However, to my knowledge, the bill remains in limbo..if it even still exists.

Following closely on this Administration’s flip flopping on events in Egypt, we see the radical elements of American labor taking center stage in Wisconsin’s budget fight. And which side does this President lend lip service to? You guessed it! President Obama attempts to characterize Wisconsin Governor Walker’s plan to stabilize the state’s fiscal house as a crusade against unions.

There you have some examples of how this President has worked time and time again AGAINST the best interests of our nation and our future. He continues to demonize all under the guise of “doing what’s right”. It becomes apparent with each passing day, his agenda brings nothing more than pitting factions of Americans against one another. This while he sits back and watches..promising such trivialities like “faster internet” and “high speed rail”. Two matters which I’m sure are vital to our nation’s future.

Personally, November 2012 can’t arrive soon enough!


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