You wanna fight?…You’re gonna get it!

They wanna fight, folks! I say BRING IT!

The Hill reports this morning about union and Democrat “activists” (they’re really one in the same!) confronting Republicans in town hall meeting settings…much the way Democrats were confronted nearly 2 years ago about healthcare reform. The difference being the voters confronting the Democrat Congressmen were actual voters and constituents. The union and Democrat plan likely involves groups brought in from  the outside to press their agenda. Much of what you’re seeing in Wisconsin. They claim to want to force confrontation about budget cuts Republicans support. My advice to Republican representatives: lay it out straight forward…in their face..WE ARE OUT OF MONEY! THAT’S IT! NO IF’S…ANDS…OR BUTS!!! The Democrat Party has made it clear they are not concerned or serious IN THE LEAST about tackling the fiscal problems of this country. They are content to sit back and demonize and criticize ANYONE who tries to get a handle on a dire problem facing this nation. That’s straight from the Democrat playbook. I say confront them and expose them for EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE!

More heads in the sand for your consideration. Treasury Sec. Geithner says there’s no need to concern ourselves with $100/barrel oil. We can take it! Yet another example of the Obama Administration’s cavalier attitude about just about anything and everything.

W. James Antle has a great piece at The American Spectator. An accurate observation in that the Democrats seem to have turned further to the left, despite the ass kicking they took in the November election. This portion sums it up perfectly:

“..most of the remaining Democrats in the House and many of their allies in the broader progressive movement believe they are in the minority because the stimulus was too small, the health care bill too tolerant of private enterprise, and the president wanted to keep taxes too low. And while it is implausible that the country as a whole would be receptive to that message, it is certainly what many of the surviving Democrats are hearing back home in their liberal districts.”

If that doesn’t convince you we have a war on our hands, I don’t know what will!


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