Not to beat a dead horse…or munch on some sour grapes…but an interesting piece in today’s Washington Examiner. A little expose on some of the “possible” players in Boeing’s pocket…


“I’ve got no dog in the fight over the $35 billion contract Boeing just won, over EADS, to provide a flying gas station (other than my persistent skepticism about [a] the need for any given military program and [b] the absence of cronyism from the decision-making process, especially in this case). But I do want to point out that Boeing is pretty lobbied-up (I may be the only one who uses that expression, but it’s a good one).”

Here are some of Boeing’s lobbyists (many of whom may never have lobbied on the tanker deal):

  • Former Rep. Bill Paxon
  • Former House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt
  • Linda Daschle, wife of former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle
  • Scoop Jackson aide Denny Miller
  • Former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Stewart Verdery
  • Tony Podesta
  • Former Obama aide Oscar Ramirez
  • Former House Approps Spokesman John Scofield
  • Former Bush Treasury Aide Tara Bradshaw

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

While we’re at it….other factors, no doubt..

Washington state…Democratic…Boeing, heavily unionized….

Alabama, Miss., and Louisiana…Republican…non union…

Look what we have in the White House…a President that seems bound and determined to add continuous insult to injury to the economy of the Gulf region. Thank YOU Mr. President!



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