Well, after our brief period of escapism with the Oscars, I suppose it is time to get back to business….and the real world. Before you know it, election season will be here again. The Politico gleefully proclaims today that Republicans may have to face THEIR “reality” that Obama is looking more and more tough to beat in 2012. I’m not sure which country they’re living in! The Republicans DO need to get behind a viable candidate that can hammer home the fact this President has…and continues to lead this country in the WRONG direction. There is absolutely NOTHING President Obama has done that warrants a second term. The handicap for a Republican candidate is overcoming the charisma…and I use that term loosely…of Obama. He is the embodiment of flash and no substance whatsoever. The article goes so far as to admit that it will still likely be a dismal economy come election time. I’d like in on that action, if they’re taking bets. Let’s face it. President Obama will be able to take advantage of one factor that can’t be changed. Just as it was in 2008. Race. Anything and everything that can be said about this President…never mind whether it is true or not…can be deflected with a claim of racism. That brings me back to my previous point. Hammer home the fact that this Democrat President has promoted nothing but massive federal spending…practically ignored international developments as well as the insurmountable debt we face. For those of us who live in the REAL world know those are reasons enough to boot this man from the White House!


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