Illogical “logic…”

Upon reading what may be an abbreviated version of a piece by LA Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez (by way of ‘The Week’ magazine), I continue to shake my head in disbelief. Disbelief at the mindset of the Left. The clueless Mr. Rodriguez contends you’re benefiting from government handouts if you ” claim a home mortgage interest deduction, are enrolled in an employer based health insurance program or own a tax free retirement account.” He claims these “tax subsidies” make up nearly a third of welfare spending. Can someone ask Mr. Rodriguez how it can be considered the government subsidizing you when it is YOUR money to begin with?! Excuse me, Mr. Rodriguez, how can I benefit from a “government handout” with money I gave to the government through the myriad of taxes in the first place? His convoluted “logic” is just another lame excuse put forth in the name of “fairness”. What isn’t fair, is a government that takes money from me, cycles it through some sort of program THEY created, returning a lesser amount…all the time claiming they’re giving me a break!


2 thoughts on “Illogical “logic…”

  1. It is welfare when you don’t pay for services that you benefit from. You little welfare queens don’t want to help pay for the wars, our highways, police protection, fire fighters, schools, prisons… You love your welfare and you hate our country.

    • I DO pay for highways, police protection, firefighters, schools, prisons, etc…a “welfare queen” I’m not!…I don’t hate this country. I loathe those who use the government to take from those that make this country work…or a government that takes from me to “provide” for those that keep them in power, i.e. the welfare class…

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