Where the hell is our President?

The world continues to burn on more fronts with each passing day…and when he’s not  M.I.A., President Obama continues to fiddle. A story of note today points out while volatile issues flare up, President Obama is concentrating on his picks for NCAA March madness! He avoids the conflicts in the Middle East, offers lip service to the disaster in Japan, and steps out of the budget battle. The latter will probably see him sweep in at the last minute to take the credit for whatever is decided….IF it is politically expedient! As I mentioned in a previous post, this man lacks even the basic traits we should look for in a leader. He’s aloof, arrogant, dismissive, and condescending. “One Big Ass Mistake America” sums it up PERFECTLY!


Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID), has the GUTS to confront the Democrats and these piecemeal spending bills. He let ’em have it for not passing a budget and the “pile of crap” they left the American people! YOU GO REPRESENTATIVE SIMPSON! About time we throw this shit back in their face!


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