Andrew Romano’s take on ‘Newsweek’s’ giving 1000 Americans the official citizenship test brings up some interesting points. Unfortunately, the results of the test are more sad than interesting. 38% failed. He offers some excuses based on the “well, no one really knows that…” school of learning. Citing income disparity and lack of access to a good education by way of NYU sociologist Dalton Conley, he goes on to echo Yale political scientist Jacob Hacker. Mr. Hacker purports a more “centralized” education system. I’m sure the army of bureaucrats at the Dept. of Education would take that as music to their worthless ears! Add to it the complexity of the U.S. political system and you have the results we see from the test per Mr. Romano. I’m not so sure any of these factors have as much of an effect as a national lack of situational awareness! Mr. Romano concludes his agreement with Yale’s Hacker.

“The problem is ignorance, not stupidity,” Hacker says. “We suffer from a lack of information rather than a lack of ability.”

A lack of information?…what world is Mr. Hacker living in?….Information abounds. It’s up to YOU to actually THINK and determine which is and isn’t accurate. Unfortunately, that is becoming more difficult for each generation. We can focus our efforts on improving that situation or we can allow the government to determine it for us.


One thought on “FAIL!

  1. I’m all for figuring it out for myself. I enjoy the information highway known as the internet. Still, I find it hard to consider that even in todays age the internet could be governed to any teal extent, but the thought is provoking.

    (Esko, ListenToMePeople.wordpress)

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