WHAT is he doing?…Answer: No one is sure…

It may be true that most Americans are not sure about this President, but ask yourself…are you really surprised? The uproar has been going on all week about the U.S. actions with regard to Libya. “Answers” and opinions seem to be coming from all directions. President Obama, as usual, is just in the background when it comes to national policy. Secretary Clinton weighs in. Secretary of Defense Gates throws in his 2 cents. Follow that with some deputy secretary of something opining on some news talk show.

Once again, it’s apparent we have a President in over his head. I’ve heard it mentioned that we are being “governed” by a mistake. We’re seeing the Three Stooges and the Keystone Cops in action…or lack of action. Even the normally sympathetic Politico has questions…that so far have gone unanswered.

Sad and scary folks….sad and scary…..


3 thoughts on “WHAT is he doing?…Answer: No one is sure…

  1. I’m Right there with you Scott. I find it hard to beleive that after Bush, and how the Dem’s promised to undo what the conservitives had done, and now look…. We are in the same battle over oil, only this time it is France that has made the rallying cry. our relationship with France has been a stretch to say the least. What IS going on?

    • Please don’t misunderstand…I’m not in favor of much of ANYTHING this Administration has done!…And that goes for the previous Congress as well!…Obama and the Democrats are a DISASTER!…The situation in Libya is just another example of the incompetent we have in the White House…I voted for him in 2008 with reservations!…Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct!

      • Unfortunatly I was very ill when the polls opened and was unable to vote. I would have voted for McCain, but only because personally helped me a great deal with a few high ranking military official, who had overextended their command if you will…. But I must admit, Obama is a great orator, and that alone made him look like light at the end of a very long tunnel…

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