Something to look forward to…

All but ignored in the American press, seems there was a little party in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday…courtesy of British unions and their buddies, the anarchists. All gathered to voice their unhappiness with the government’s attempts to reign in their out of control spending. Take a good look folks. Don’t think it can’t happen here. Wisconsin, though well behaved, is just the beginning. Once the radical element in the unions hijacks the protest you can expect the worst. Just ask the people in London.

The Ritz takes a beating….


Of course, what would your protest be without the friendly neighborhood communists?….


Everyone will remember their wonderful school years….smashing and defacing property…”tax the rich!”…”Tory fucks!”… well behaved!


I’m sure his/her mother is so proud!


I’m sure union activists here are taking notes….


Whatever it takes to disturb and disrupt….


The last line of defense….


We have to face it. Protests in this country can…and will likely turn ugly. The culprits will seize the opportunity to react violently. Unfortunately, the unions do little to discourage it…here and abroad. If it can promote their agenda and bring notice to their cause, so be it.


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