I’m So Proud!

Taking stock today….life can be discouraging at times….you have to take a look at the big picture.

We have a President who is engaged, decisive and above partisan rancor. We have a Congress which will work to limit federal spending and get a grip on the national debt. It consists of honorable individuals determined to live up to their responsibility to the voters. They stand by their principals despite which way the wind of politics is blowing. We have a federal government which encourages personal responsibility, rewards incentive, and fights waste and fraud. Our tax system spreads prosperity by eliminating taxing individuals based upon income. It is simple, efficient and fair. Our leaders realize the real dangers posed to this nation in today’s world. They recognize the fact that many wish us harm and do not aspire to building a better life for their citizens.

Our government enhances individual rights as long as they do not infringe upon those of another. Choices in the workplace and the home are up to an informed person. A person free to make his own decisions.

We have a dynamic and enlightening media. A media that monitors our leaders and how their actions affect the lives of everyday Americans. A media without an agenda of its own and serves the public interest.

We have a culture focused on individual achievement and growth. Celebrity is based upon the combination of talent and hard work. These individuals prove each day opportunity is there.

We are a nation admired in this world and we live each day by example.

I am indeed, so proud.

Oh yeah….April Fools!!!!!!!!


As relevant now, as it was a year ago! ***************************************************************


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