The Smoke and Mirrors of the Blame Game

With our government continuing to operate WITHOUT a budget and functioning on stop gap measures, the press has been busy speculating who will be blamed for a possible shutdown. Naturally, their hopes are pinned on the GOP…with the influence wielded by Tea Party freshmen in the House. Of course NY Sen. Schumer’s remarks earlier in the week describing proposed cuts as “extreme” received little or no coverage in the mainstream media. Why? Because it didn’t suit their purpose to show that the Democrat’s strategy is to oppose any cuts whatsoever. Never mind the actual validity of such proposals. “The Hill” proudly trumpets the prospect of “momentum shifting toward the Dems” in the message battle. Typically, established Washington has all but REFUSED to hear the message from from last November. It astonishes me that a government that immerses itself in trillions of dollars, sees $33 billion as a significant cut. They’ve also refused to see the overall picture. PRINTING MORE MONEY AS NEEDED IS NOT THE ANSWER! It is if you want to continue to destabilize the dollar. It is if you want to thwart those that hold our debt. Eventually, we will see a point where no other entity is interested in purchasing U.S. debt. Why would you continue to “loan” money to another party when there is the REAL possibility you will NEVER see any return on your “investment”? It’s coming to that and these fools in Congress continue to jockey for a position that makes them appear “upstanding” and “defending the interests of hard working Americans”…along with other cheap words and hollow promises. If it does come down to a government shutdown next week, rest assured you will see Democrat mouths and blowhards parading before the cameras..jubilantly proclaiming their stance on the matter. When the fact of the matter is that stance continues to hasten us to what may be a PERMANENT government shutdown!


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