All’s fair…or is it?

‘The Politico’ has an interesting piece this morning. It explores the premise conservative groups are beginning to develop more organized methods of collecting “dirt”, as it were, on the left. They point out ‘Media Matters’, ‘The Center for American Progress’ (deceptive titles for each, to say the least!) and other left leaning operations have been playing the game that way for years. Of course, when you have a complicit mainstream media on your side, it’s not difficult to paint public opinion as you see fit. Facts don’t matter. Perception is everything. The ” state controlled media” often presents opinion has as if it were an actual news event. Liberals know this and take advantage of it to the fullest extent.

The article goes on to point out many conservatives insist on playing by the “rules”, while liberals realize there are no “rules”! At least that’s how they play the game. The sooner conservatives see this is a “bar fight” and not a” chess match”, the better! Speaker Boehner might take heed to this line of thinking as the budget battle continues to evolve.

Unfortunately, as long as the mainstream media insists on ignoring the hypocrisy of the left, conservative organizations have only themselves to rely upon when it comes to getting your message out there. It needs to hammered home with an “in their face” attitude. Standing up to them is the ONLY tactic the left will understand. It’s time to start using it!


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