What’s changed?

So the federal government didn’t shut down. Now what?…Are we any closer to solving the REAL problem?…Are we any closer to curtailing government expenditures which are multiplying while revenue is declining? I think not. $38.5 billion in cuts?..literally a drop in the bucket. While the Republicans foolishly tied “social issues”…so it was reported…to the agreement, it became ever more clear the Democrats have no realistic intention of cutting spending whatsoever! Their tried and true tactic of proclaiming before the cameras that people will starve and die worked again. They are as blatant and transparent as any political group in existence. President Obama once again shied away from his role opting to publicly criticize lawmakers instead. HIS tactic is to avoid any sort of concrete stance and arrive on the scene in time to claim his part in the conclusion…whatever that may be.

I can’t say I care much for the “social agenda” on the Republican side. That being said, I don’t find the position of either side on abortion or gay marriage as critical to the survival of our nation. This stuff can wait! We have a expanding, bloated government populated by a group of people who absolutely REFUSE to take this situation seriously. Printing money is not the answer and eventually our national debt will be assigned “junk bond” status on the world markets. If it hasn’t already. I suppose it isn’t politically expedient to make Americans aware of how dire this is. The Democrats and their accomplices in the media will continue the game plan of frightening their constituents with outlandish and unsubstantiated claims while the Republicans continue their spineless behavior of  not calling them on it. In the end, we all lose. That’s the really sad part.


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