What did you expect?

A discouraging bit of news arrives late today concerning the nearly forgotten matter of Arizona vs the illegal invasion. Seems the 9th Circuit upheld a lower court ruling that blocked what opponents considered the most contested parts of Arizona’s law. Chief among them being requiring law enforcement to question the residency/citizenship status of anyone they “reasonably suspect” of being in this country illegally. If you think about it, it’s not any different from what YOU might encounter in ANY other country around the world. But of course, not here. It’s not politically productive for the Obama Administration to do so. God forbid we should dare to attempt to control the flood of those who enter the country illegally. The left, as expected, managed to turn it into a racial discrimination issue knowing it would play well in the media to their advantage.

The EXTREMELY liberal 9th Circuit’s 2 to 1 decision makes no sense to me. Try to follow the logic of this “opinion”:

“The Arizona statute before us has become a symbol,’’ Judge John T. Noonan wrote in a concurring opinion. “For those sympathetic to immigrants to the United States, it is a challenge and a chilling foretaste of what other states might attempt.’’
Judge Richard A. Paez, who wrote the majority opinion, used strong language as he appeared to endorse the administration’s position that Arizona’s law intrudes on federal immigration enforcement and is “preempted” by federal law.”

So Judge Noonan  based his ruling on “sympathy”….not the law! And Judge Richard Paez is Mexican-American!..Gee! I wonder where HIS allegiances lie?! If you followed the matter, you know the Arizona law did nothing that federal law does not. What was and is not being done, is sensible and definitive enforcement of the border. Yet one more item on the laundry list of failures of the Obama administration.



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