We’ve come a long way….

On this anniversary of the War Between the States (THIS conflict was NOT a civil war!) or as it is known here in the South, the war of Northern Aggression, it’s interesting to note we’re probably closer to a REAL civil war than 150 years ago. In 2011, you can safely say we have 2 opposing factions that are in a struggle for the leadership and direction of a single nation. One side fosters a nation of dependents….a government ever growing in its development to be all things to all people. The other side promotes independence and personal responsibility, maintaining the principals upon which our country was founded. Call it cliched, if you will. The freedoms so many struggled for have allowed a movement dedicated to the destruction of those principals, to rationalize its existence while it admonishes and demonizes those that provide for our future.

The warriors of both sides during the struggle of 150 years ago probably could have agreed on one thing. They were dedicated to the preservation of their principals. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for all combatants in today’s conflict.


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