Time to GROW UP, Mr. President!

It continues to astonish me with each passing day, what a ridiculous sham of a man Mr. Obama is. The dire straits this country continues to face….debt…energy….invasion by illegals…not to mention the threats the world faces in the form of unending, unyielding terrorism….and he buries his head in the sand of his re-election campaign. My god!…How in the world were we duped by such a shallow, shameless individual?…

I don’t care if he IS “attractive” and “articulate”! Two of his adoring media’s favorite adjectives. So what if he goes to Facebook! This President has left every single issue in which he has inserted himself,  in a perpetual state of limbo. From healthcare to domestic energy. His destructiveness and indecisiveness has created a nation so very uncertain…and likely frightened…about its future. Yet we get stories like “Obama seeks new friends during Facebook visit” and “Obama jabs ‘climate change deniers'”. GET REAL, FOLKS! This country faces SERIOUS problems and we have a President leading us ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!

In the meantime, the mainstream media does all it can to prop him up…all the while REFUSING to give credence to substantial proposals to get us out of this mess.

It’s past time to take this President to task for his cavalier, condescending attitude. Our very future is at stake!


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