YOU’RE just in a bad mood!

Once again, the so called media watchdogs FINALLY catch up to what ANYONE  with “a lick o’ sense” they say…has known for MONTHS! That bastion of the press, The New York Times, headlines this morning with ‘NATION’S MOOD AT LOWEST LEVEL IN TWO YEARS, POLL SHOWS‘. I mean, how LONG does it take these people to get a clue?! True to form, they’re fretting over how the poll’s results may harm the ratings of President Obama and the Congress! And THIS is the focus of their concern?! This sort of absolute mindlessness is yet ANOTHER example of how out of touch the established media is! Never, ever, ceases to amaze me!

In the meantime, our fearless leader decides to create ANOTHER of his pointless commissions. This time, to make sure there are no “abuses” in the market that may be driving up prices. Hey Mr. President, how about constructing a cohesive energy policy that is not at war with domestic production?! Have you thought about that? I know that’s at odds with your core philosophy, but thought you might want to give it some consideration.

As if the above was not enough, your buddies in the nation’s unions are planning ‘nationwide protests‘….hoping to capitalize on their admirable behavior in Wisconsin. That’s right. Your friendly neighborhood union members are out to ramp up the shakedown of your tax dollars. Get this from SEIU president Mary Kay Henry:

“We felt like we were called in this moment to roll the dice and to think about how to use our members resources for the greatest hope for changing members lives,” she said. “I hope what people will see is more of what we all witnessed in Madison. … more people in the streets making demands about what kind of America we want to see.”

Yeah. I’m sure the majority of Americans want to see your people in the streets, Ms Henry! No doubt that is the kind of America we want to see!

And finally….YOUR tax dollars hard at work….and YOUR children experiencing a wonderful education….two notions we take for granted, right?….

From the Riverwood Elementary School, Cordova TN…they’re making sure these kids have a bright future!….Never mind if they have a job!

Enjoy the lyrics of a composition promoting ‘environmental a-c-t-i-v-i-s-m…..because, as we all know, ALL business is EVIL!

The sky is high and the ocean is deep,
But we can’t treat the planet like a garbage heap.

Don’t wreck it, protect it, keep part of it wild,
And think about the future of your great-grandchild.

Recycle, bicycle, don’t you drive by yourself,
Don’t buy those plastic products on the supermarket shelf.

Boycott, petition, let the big business know,
That if we mess it up here, there’s nowhere else we can go.

Don’t shrug your shoulders, say, “What can I do?”
Only one person can do that and that person is you!

Enjoy your ‘Good Friday’!

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