Same old song….

A new week begins with President Obama and the Democrats focusing their efforts on tax increases….again….for “millionaires and billionaires”….better known as incomes of $250000.o0 or more. Because as we all know these people are shameless, selfish and greedy. Right along with that premise, the President and his cronies plan on painting themselves as “defenders of medicare and medicaid”. Slinging blatant senseless allegations that any sort of reform to these titanic entitlement programs will lead to the deaths of thousands…or something like that. The usual cobweb covered playbook is pulled out..dusted off..and referred to again as the party attempts to get the wheels rolling on frightening the populace. If you have any level of critical thinking, you know that serious and difficult choices need to be made. Unfortunately, we have a President and his party that simply REFUSE to face facts. The reason being, they KNOW their political relevance and survival depends upon rhetoric that sways those with little ability to think and reason for themselves. And once again, you have a media ready and willing to play right along.

In a related matter, hoping to capitalize on public “stupidity”, the Democrats are eagerly anticipating an angry constituent scenario aimed at Congressional Republicans over any sort of entitlement reform. Foolishly they will realize it STILL comes down to the fact that those paying the bills have simply had ENOUGH! We can no longer to continue to provide in perpetuity for those that do not contribute to the system. The latter is growing at a much faster rate than the former. The “progressive left” has yet to realize you can’t maintain a viable society based on this. So, good luck with that tactic!

In a pair of conflicting responses, according to recent polls, Californians support raising taxes to close their critical budget gap AND want public employees to do their part also. When you think about it, maybe their IS a bit common sense there. I don’t agree with the tax part, however. I suppose in the land of the clueless, you can’t have everything!

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