Continuing along an earlier theme….Do you ever ask yourself why the media is always a step behind the rest of us?…By us, I mean those that actually follow what’s going on in the world..as opposed to reacting to it.

From my “never ceases to amaze me” file…a HUGE file at that….the Washington Post reports today : FUEL PRICES CUT INTO OBAMA POPULARITY

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Of course, as far as the Post is concerned, they’re more worried about Obama’s approval rating than the escalating price of gas. As if the President’s standing with the public is MUCH more important! We have to do something..blame someone..to get these prices in line! It’s harming the view of our President in the eyes of the voters! Heaven forbid!

Another BIG revelation to the Post: STATES FACE $1.26 TRILLION PENSION SHORTFALL

Hmmm…gee…I wonder where I’ve heard news like THAT before!….Oh yeah….now I remember!…We’ve been harping on that concern for a couple of years now!…Hello!? It’s as if they’re JUST NOW realizing we have a problem! The rest of us KNEW that it was a situation that was not fiscally sustainable! Yet, the Post decides it’s some big revelation!

USA Today gets in on the action with their report on ANOTHER scenario which should come as absolutely no surprise: AMERICANS DEPEND ON MORE FEDERAL AID THAN EVER

They seem to have a hard time grasping THIS reality when the so called “economic recovery” is almost  2 years old! Hey USA Today! Did it ever occur to you that those who harped this FAKE recovery had no idea what they were talking about? Do you think maybe you could have questioned their findings instead of playing along?

It just continues to show you that the media is more lax than ever in their accuracy on issues. They will support an agenda to the detriment of facts and reality. When the obvious is made “public” it’s presented as some big news story that comes out of nowhere!

Stay awake out there! For your future, it PAYS more than ever to PAY attention!


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