The ‘Circus’ is (still) in Town!

Just a small compilation of what’s being said…and who said what today…..

“We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve,” the president said.

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Presbo on the unusual timing of the release of his birth certificate…..on his way to ‘Oprah’, by the way…

As the Democrats continue to stoke the lies about Paul Ryan’s budget…the National Journal reports this by way of Gallup…


Meanwhile, Yahoo! News frets over what the President can do about gas prices…


Palin says the timing of the birth certificate release is to distract the press from Ben Bernanke’s press conference….an unusual venue for the Fed chairman….admittedly she’s got a point…

Next we have the Washington Post fawning over the notion that Donald Trump is really a Democrat….What they can’t fathom is someone who is actually NOT afraid to take on Barack Obama and call him out on issues…

And finally….because we all know Bill Maher’s take on the issues is SOOO important….we have this transcript from his recent appearance on Letterman…

“I don’t have any respect, no, I don’t have any respect for the tea-(baggers) [word silenced] and I do call them the tea-(baggers) [word silenced again] — even though they hate it. I will stop calling them Tea-(baggers) [word silenced for a third time] when they stop calling it Obamacare, that’s my deal..”

Sticks and stones, Bill…sticks and stones….

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