The View from the ‘B***h’

No surprise that the ladies of from ‘The View’ decided to throw in their 2 cents worth…and that’s about the value of their opinions…as the events unfolded in London on Friday. Perpetually bitchy Joy Behar had to get in a few barbs at the expense of Queen Elizabeth. Of course, if you’ve had the chance to catch this insipid program, you know there really is not a lot of substance to be had. One thing you do notice is the misplaced self-importance that Ms Behar and one of her cohorts, Ms Goldberg, have when it comes to their ‘personal’ view on matters. Like we give a damn about what either one of them think on ANY subject!

The UK Telegraph’s Nile Gardiner has a nice observation of Friday’s telecast….


Not to worry, Nile. Despite what you may fear, I doubt  most American women with the slightest bit of common sense take their queues from these ladies!

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