We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

…And that programming would be already in progress…

After the dramatic event of the past couple of days, I’m sure most Americans will return to their daily routines. Those routines include all the concerns that were present before Osama bin Laden met his demise…and despite the media’s best efforts to convince you otherwise, they’re still here. Including high gas and food prices, spiraling debt, and a depressed real estate market.

President Obama deserves credit for ending the threat stemming from bin Laden..and diminishing that from al Qaeda as well. But, he didn’t single handedly dispose of one of America’s most wanted. Of course, the press is hoping you will see it differently. They view it as some sort of validation of Mr. Obama’s presidency. The halo effect will no doubt be enjoyed, though I doubt it will extend for any length of time. We still have a President and a Democrat party bent of continuing their political existence at your expense. Literally!

As much as any other American, I’m hoping the end of bin Laden will make a lasting change in the world and hinder the efforts of those seeking the destruction of the United States. I can honestly say that sentiment applies to those inside our borders as well.


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