“Answers” from your leader…

Some Q&A from yesterday’s town hall with the President….and of course, his answers are about as concrete as a bowl of grits……

“we’re in a better place than we were when I first came into office,” but the economic recovery is uneven and “people still aren’t feeling it” because of anxiety over high gas, prices, rising health care costs and mortgage problems….”

When asked about “tough times”….

“We’re moving in the right direction….”

High gas prices….

more fuel-efficient vehicles (and higher fuel-efficiency standards), a more stable Middle East, more domestic oil production, more efficient use of energy and alternative energy sources beyond oil…

“There’s no single silver bullet..”

When asked by a FEDERAL employee scheduled to be laid off in June..

Obama says she will do fine in interviews; he sticks up for government employees and the work they do. He says Republicans are interested only in cutting the budget, rather than building the economy and that has led to fewer jobs for public employees….

He says companies need to “step up” and start hiring more people…

..”housing problems are “the biggest headwind” facing economic recovery. He says his team is working to expand a home loan modification program…”

“Medicare is going to be a big issue for a long time, Obama says, thanks in part to “structural” budget deficits that have built up over decades….”

“There are “legitimate” complaints about over-regulation, Obama says, but many are “overstated….”

This man has absolutely no answer for every concern facing Americans. He’s vague and evasive…and his responses are filled with nothing but generalities. A shameful man and a sham of a President.


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