What IS IT with this guy?!!….

I can’t say I’m surprised. Truth be told. Frustrated and disappointed. That would be a more accurate description. Probably a lot like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, as he heads to Washington for meetings with President Obama. ONE day after our fearless leader disses Israel by publicly supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state…a state with the borders of 1967! A particularly dangerous time for Israel,  a preemptive strike against its hostile Arab neighbors resulted in capturing territory as a buffer for the Jewish state.

Israel has remained a stable, reliable ally in a region which is literally going up in flames. With more speeches like the one President Obama gave on Thursday, I’m not so sure the term “ally” will apply much longer, as far as Israel is concerned. Even Reuters admits that with the President’s stance, things ain’t looking so good:

“The White House talks had never been expected to yield any significant progress to revive long-stalled peace talks, but now that prospect seemed dimmer than ever.”

Admitting Israel must be secure, Mr. Obama claims a Palestinian state must be “non-militarized”. Like that would ever happen!

Our President’s naive view of the world stage will play out today in Washington at the expense of Israel. Perhaps this is some sort of concession to the Arab world for the killing of bin Laden. With Barack Obama, you can be sure of one thing….most Americans will not like it!


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