A ‘referendum’?….DON’T BET ON IT!

As the state controlled media trumpets Kathy Hochul’s victory in New York’s 26th Congressional district as an indicator of a bright future for Democrats, I’ve got news for the press. The voters of this nation are not likely to return to “power” the party which has spent us into the fiscal hell we’re now facing. The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Politico and others are gleefully painting the win as a referendum on Medicare. Maybe so. However, if you believe the Democrats will actually propose any meaningful and workable solution to a system that is hemorrhaging money at an unfathomable rate, go ahead…send more Democrats to Congress next year. The party and its blind leadership will offer nothing more than a continuation of the same, while expecting more and more and more from the producers in this nation. And there are fewer and fewer of those, as we go forward. Many are just fed up with a system that rewards an increasing number of Americans for doing NOTHING!

President Obama and the Democrats have offered absolutely no real, workable ideas to deal with the debt this government continues to create. They, along with a eagerly cooperative media, have demonized Republican proposals through innuendo, lies, and fear. Three tactics right out of their playbook. They continue to cater to a base which is made almost entirely of that group of DO-NOTHINGS previously mentioned. They know their political fate relies upon that ever increasing number. A growing group ever more dependent upon government for practically EVERY ASPECT of their life.

So, if you want a Congress and White House turning a blind eye to the deficit. Vote Democrat! If you want a government “stimulus” program awarding companies that actually OWE delinquent taxes, Vote Democrat! If you want a federal government that can dictate where companies can do business, Vote Democrat! If you want a government that hinders the development of our energy resources through blame, excessive oversight, and public demonization, Vote Democrat! If you want a government that can determine how your healthcare will be determined, Vote Democrat! If you want a Congress where the party in power funds the day to day operations of government through spending resolutions rather than a budget, Vote Democrat! If you want an Administration that turns a blind eye to the threats to the United States from abroad, Vote Democrat!

In summarizing, if you want to be “taken care of” instead of taking care of yourself….Vote Democrat!


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