Much ado about NOTHING!….

In case you missed it while you were busy paying attention to such mundane matters as the economy…and the battle over Medicare, MSNBC resident prick, Ed Schultz, decided it was time for another desperate attempt to boost ratings. The latest tactic was to refer to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham as a “right wing slut” and a “radio slut”. She has accepted his subsequent apology, but I doubt she gives much credence to ANYTHING Ed Schultz says…whether it’s in the form of blowhard rhetoric or an apology. I’m sure she has better areas to focus upon.

In typical liberal fashion, Mr. Schultz plays to emotion in hopes of reaping some sort of stock value for his position. The practical, common sensical method rarely works for our friends on the left.

Not to be excluded from the incident, the insightful ladies from “The View” decided to weigh in….

…”don’t you think there’s a difference when a woman is calling another woman a slut versus a man, because he’s attacking her…..” – Sherri Shepherd

Whoopi decides to jump to Ed’s defense….

“No. Slut is slut.”

This, as RCP points out..comes from the woman who educated us on the difference between “rape” and “rape-rape”

Of course, Barbara throws in her 2 cents…

“I would just like to say that Joy Behar on this program has called me a slut.”

This leaves me to wonder if Barbara and the gang would be ok with Bill Oreilly calling them a bunch of “left wing whores”…I guess I could ask Whoopi if “whore” is “whore”:..whether it comes from a man or a woman.


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