Out of focus, out of touch…

As another scorching summer day dawns, we’re once again greeted with a complete disconnect from reality in government…and those that profess to keep US in the know.

The ever increasingly clueless New York Times has decided to run a couple of pieces where the main focus of the story is not how it affects the nation as a whole, but how it concerns the President and how it concerns government.

With “Employment Data May be the Key to the President’s Job“, the Times is starting to get a bit concerned about Mr. Obama’s chances in 2012 considering the disastrous employment situation. Though they go so far as to admit Washington isn’t helping matters in the least, their biggest fear is the economic woes will sink his re-election bid.

It doesn’t matter that this President and the Democrats have made their hostility toward business and industry quite clear. Oversight and punishment has been the primary goal and to that they can claim “mission accomplished”. The private sector in this country sees nothing but uncertainty and restriction when it comes to planning for what future we have left. Mr. Obama along with the vast majority of Democrats in Congress lack even the slightest notion of what it takes to run a successful business. Profit is frowned upon and they have managed to saddle many sectors with a stigma of greed. To that end, hiring is practically non-existent. Thank you Mr. President. Your “transformation” seems to be working.

Another NYT piece turns attention to the fact that, despite improved collections, gosh darn it!…many states are STILL having a hard time out there making ends meet! In “Improved tax collections can’t keep pace with states’ fiscal needs, survey finds” the important point, according to the story, is NOT that many states need to review their expenditures, but they just can’t seem to manage even though tax collections are up in many cases.

Once again, we find cutting spending and waste is considered pointless. We just need to hand over more money. Whether that money goes directly to state government or by way of Washington, one way or another, taxpayers foot the bill. Never mind that bureaucracy takes a huge chunk of operating expenses. It’s more important we continue to pay someone to collect money from us.

These stories are just two more examples of how the media manages to make the narrative more about how government is struggling rather than how ordinary Americans are handling their lives in difficult times.

In the meantime, the President and the Congress continue to bicker over the budget, Medicare, immigration…you name it. My obvious disdain for the Democrats is finding an increasing frustration with the Republicans as well. The House majority has not managed to put their collective force behind any sort of meaningful change. Rather than crafting solid legislation to tackle the serious problems we face (Rep. Paul Ryan’s efforts being a shining exception) and putting it to a vote…votes which should force the Democrats to own up to their stance on the issues…the game plan is more of the same…go along to get along. That tactic no longer cuts it.

We need to continue the pressure on Washington if this nation is to survive. The alternative is not something we want to consider. So…stayed focused and stay in touch.


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