This Week’s Words of Wisdom!


Time, once again, to review some of the best understatements, overstatements, and other utterances from the variety of fools we have out there!……


“There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. We’re going to pass through some tough terrain…” – President Obama obviously ignoring the nature of his destructive policies



“….But I did not break the law. And I never thought I was breaking the law.” – John Edwards, former NC Senator, trying to defuse charges of illegal use of campaign funds


“….I’m not going to talk about this anymore….” – Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on allegations he sent lewd photos via Twitter to a college coed in Seattle. Not to worry, Congressman. In that you’re a Democrat, the media will do it’s best to make sure you get a pass. Aside from the fact that you’re…as your name indicates..a p**ck!


WHEN DID COLLEGE BECOME ABOUT SIMPLY LANDING A FAT JOB? – title of NRO columnist, and former USA Today contributor, Katrina Trinko’s article where she says you shouldn’t focus on making money…


Just a handful of what’s was said, being said…

Do you ever think that there’s not much common sense left out there?….That thought occurs to me every day….







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