A wake up call!


Politics, like so many other things in life, is full of irony. And we seem to be seeing a lot more of it in recent years.

The Politico runs a story today where they are so hoping the Democrats regain control of Congress in 2012. There’s nothing new in such a sentiment coming from the media. They were warning the Democrats prior to the 2010 elections, “hey!..you better watch out!..the voters are p***ed!” This time around, they seem to be salivating at the prospects of a return to the policies of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck “U” Schumer, and Harry Reid.

I, for one, find it really hard to believe we, as a nation, want more of what the Democrats gave us during the previous Congress. When you really think about it, they offered nothing more than a giant dose of government. That may be a simplistic way to put it, but it’s true. More and more government, while saddling the taxpayers with the bill. Period. Pure and simple.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, their way of government puts those “in need” ahead of those that pay the bills. And if you dare to complain, you’re demagogued and demeaned. You have no right to voice dissension. If you do, you’re branded as a racist, a hate monger, and un- American.

Show me a taxpayer that says, “sure, I’d like to pay more in income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes..whatever!” and I’ll show you a liar. A liar to himself.

My suggestion to the Republicans…as I’ve mentioned in previous posts…is to get it together! I seriously doubt the Tea Party’s mantra of “CUT THE CRAP!” is really far from the party’s agenda as a whole. We are overdue for the agenda and the narrative to be taken away from the Democrats and the media. Speaker Boehner and his majority in the House need to be more proactive and stop reacting. If they fail to do so, we may just see more of this in 2012…

“It’s so good to be back in power!”


“we did it!…we can continue to screw the taxpayers for at least 2 more years!”


“…I can take it easy now…we’ll just let Medicare and Social Security go bankrupt…”


“and they thought I wouldn’t be around for a second term!…”

Is this what you really want to see on election night?…..

I’d MUCH prefer to see these faces….








“..I don’t know what the hell happened…”


Take your pick people. It’s your choice.








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