Tuesday reads….

Man!…what a difference a day makes!…

There are some fairly surprising headlines this morning….surprising not in the sense of the content, but surprising they’re actually out there!


The Washington Post is running a story on a new poll which finds the President receiving poor numbers on the economy. Nothing surprising about that. I find it hard to believe they would actually go with it!




A story at the Politico finds Senate Democrats getting a bit anxious about their leader…dead man walking, Sen. Harry Reid (NV)…and his lack of a budget plan…and a lackluster agenda. Again, nothing new about that. Except for the fact it’s being reported!


Interesting expose from The Hill today. It focuses on Democrat lobbying firms and their growing number of foreign clients. Apparently this has been going on since the early days of the Obama administration. Surprisingly, the Justice Department confirms it! The piece mentions it’s due to the administration’s moving “forward on a number of foreign policy issues…”. Of course, the Administration has managed to drop the ball on just about every one of those!…


And, of course, the day would not be complete without coverage of more fall out from ‘weinergate’! The Daily Beast is leading off with a story on how this guy has a “porn star problem”. Gee! Ya’ think! Appears the New York Congressman isn’t getting much in the way of support from his colleagues either. ..Hmm…I wonder why?….


You’re up to speed…for now!



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