Sunday funnies….or fun…

As the weekend winds down, thought I’d check in to see what the latest is….in that it was best to take a Saturday break….

Miss a day, you can miss a LOT!….check out these little gems!…

The poster boy for Congressional scandal, New York representative Charlie Rangel had a few words about ‘Weinergate’…

“…(he) wasn’t going out with prostitutes…he wasn’t going out with little boys!”……Leave it to Rangel’s thought processes to rationalize Weiner’s behavior!

Speaking of thought processes, so called ‘progressive’ Janeane Garafalo tells Bill Maher on his snakepit of a talk show, it would be a great idea to make Weiner mayor of New York!…If I didn’t know she was probably joking, I’d say she really DOES think it would be good for the Big Apple!

Reason Magazine’s Matt Welch has a great opinion piece at With ridiculous frenzy over the release of the Palin emails during her time as Alaska governor, Welch wonders why the media lacks the same enthusiasm when it comes to coverage of our incompetent leader. Couldn’t agree with you more Matt! Scrutinizing Barack Obama would likely reveal more than we’d ever care about Sarah Palin!

The eternally bitchy NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd launches a hit piece on Newt Gingrich with her latest submission. I’ve never really figured out the bitterness that seems to have consumed this woman. Decorum forbids me to offer a suggestion for a cure for what ails you, Maureen. Maybe the readers here can figure it out. Maybe Anthony Weiner can help out!

I’m getting really tired of this……

Go make it a great Sunday!


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