The ‘FlipFlop’…

You’ll have to take my word for it on this one. My usual early morning scan of the headlines includes the POLITICO, the ever so slightly liberal take on the goings on of politics.

This morning’s eye catching headline read:


Yeah…so?….what’s so revealing about that?….the piece is no masterwork of journalism and offers no bombshells. Any regular listener to Limbaugh has heard ads from the Dept. of Health and Human Services advocating so called perks under Obamacare, for crying out loud! Therefore, I doubt the fact The Heritage Foundation buys air time is a matter of concern. As El Rushbo has so stated, he has no qualms about who advertises on the show. I will note that HHS advertising dollars are probably better spent somewhere more targeted to their demographic!

Appears the editors at the site have had a quick change of heart….

The glaring headline NOW reads:


I guess they figured THIS was more important. As it should be!

Are you really surprised? I’m not. Obama says give me a chunk of change and we’ll find something for you to do around here.

This line from the piece says it all…

“The Obama administration has tightened restrictions on hiring lobbyists, but the deference shown major donors contradicts its claims to have changed business as usual in Washington.”

Read more:

Add it to the list of reasons to ditch this administration in 2012!


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