ANOTHER episode of ‘they said it…you didn’t!’

Yep, it’s that time again!….more antics from the various morons, nitwits, and nincompoops out there!…..


We own the economy!….” DNC chair and the woman with the absolute worst hair in politics, Debbie Wasserman Schutlz


“(the bill’s passage would ) be the beginning of our country sliding toward…anarchy.” – former NY Giants receiver David Tyree on the New York State Assembly’s approval of a same sex marriage bill.


We have ‘Adolph Christie’ and his two generals trying to make New Jersey nazi Germany” – CWA District 1 V.P. Christopher Shelton on the dealings with the New Jersey governor and the union’s attempts at extorting more from the tax payers.


Do you really believe that the federal government should offer no incentives, should undertake no planning with anything that doesn’t have to do with powers granted to them in the Constitution?”  – CNN anchor, the clueless Ali Velshi, obviously in favor of an all powerful government in Washington


MEXICO SUING GEORGIA! – Yep, apparently the Mexican government, along with others from Latin America, have joined American civil liberties groups (i.e. ACLU) in contesting a U.S. STATE’S law fighting illegal immigration. ONLY in this country, folks!…Only in this country…

You can’t make this stuff up!….As long as we have selfish and ignorant fools in positions of power, the well of morons will never run dry!


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