A New Week….Much of the same….

As we begin another week, summer seems to be kickin’ in with a vengeance here in the South. Not to say we haven’t been enjoying summer temps for weeks now!

Speaking of dealing with the heat, local Atlanta and syndicated radio talk show host, Neal Boortz finds himself in the midst of the heat in the “kitchen”, a “kitchen” he won’t be gettin’ out of anytime soon! Stems from remarks made on air about the crime in Atlanta; car jackings, shootings, etc. Though his critics are “shocked”, much of Bootz’s on air rant rings true. Trust me. I live here.

Local news is littered with such stories on a daily basis. As Boortz’s slogan says, “Somebody’s gotta say it!” That’s what really ticks of his liberal opponents. He’s telling it like it is. And they don’t like that. You can find a piece on the controversy HERE.

A clueless Paul Begala, writing at Newsweek, says YOU don’t care about the deficit. And YOU oppose nearly all spending cuts. He continues by claiming the Republican “agenda” consists of ideas YOU don’t want. What Mr. Begala, and so many like him, fail to realize is how it is all tied together. Especially with our economy. With government spending growing exponentially, it’s become obvious that “spending” is doing little to alleviate the unemployment situation. TARP, “porkulus”….none of it has worked. Add to that, programs like Medicare and Social Security, each of which will likely implode, and YOU have plenty to be concerned about.


The Politico continues to sink further into irrelevance with a story claiming many Republicans are distancing themselves from accomplishments of the Bush administration. Of course, the focus of the piece is nothing more than an attempt to link them to Bush. The story completely ignores the fact the Democrats continue to harp upon what they see as detrimental policies of the former President. Never mind that many Democrats prefer to distance themselves from the CURRENT President.

Perhaps the “dumbest” remark of the weekend, Obama strategist, David Axelrod, wants you to know it’s still cool, to be an Obama supporter. Just in case you were wondering if it is. Whew! I was beginning to wonder!

Now for a matter of REAL concern….

I was skeptical RR could rule the box office this weekend, but ‘Green Lantern’ managed to rack up nearly $53million for its opening! Who says you can’t make money any more?!


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