The ‘Disaster’ continues….

For the life of me, I can’t understand how ANY voter would even CONSIDER giving this man 4 additional years in the White House! The Obama Administration has been a series of miscalculations, indifference, and ignorance since the President took office.

The latest fiasco concerns a “glitch”, if you will, with the health care overhaul Mr. Obama hailed as a landmark piece of legislation. Legislation anyone with any common sense knew would be a catastrophic blow to the American economy. Apparently, the bill allows free coverage, inadvertently, for millions of Americans who should not qualify. Starting in 2014, Social Security (if it’s still around!) would no longer be considered part of the income eligibility requirement for Medicaid, normally reserved for very low income earners. The AP story suggests it’s like giving middle income Americans food stamps. Ironically, many middle income Americans are probably headed in that direction.

True to form, the Administration downplays the concerns and seems to be in no hurry to correct the situation.

I’m sure AFL-CIO “slob in chief”, Richard Trumka, is more than pleased with the plans of the NLRB to institute some changes to regulations regarding union elections in the workplace. A major change would shorten the time employees are given to consider their choices. Of course, the unions see this as working to their favor. The situation is just another example of the Administration getting its ducks in a row for the upcoming election year. They need to make sure their core supporters are in line!

For some sobering statistics, check out the latest posting from “The Economic Collapse” blog! As Washington continues to bicker and jockey for position on the matter, the situation worsens every minute. Literally! It boggles the mind when you consider how much we allow the morons in government to control what will affect every American!

Is THIS the best we can do?…..that’s what I was thinking as former Utah governor, John Huntsman announced his entry into the ever growing field of GOP candidates for the 2012 presidential election. I’m skeptical of a milquetoast of a man who plans a campaign of being mr. nice guy! He hardly fits the criteria when the Republicans need a candidate who is NOT afraid to confront Mr. Obama and the Democrats on the issues! I’m talking to you, Governor Christie!



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