The “New” Strategy….


“You know Chuck….I’m not sure what we’re going to do….nothing seems to be working…the stimulus, money down the drain…the President’s healthcare overhaul…a convoluted mess no one really wants…I’m tellin’ you…I think we’re screwed!”

“Aww..come on, Dick…I know we really made a bad situation worse over the last couple of years…but you’re forgetting one thing…we can blame John and the boys at the GOP…the press will go for it hook, line and sinker..they’ll take it as gospel anything we tell them…So…let’s just call a news conference…and sort of hint around that the Republicans are working to sabotage everything on purpose…and we’ll be in the clear!…easy, breezy!”

A conversation between two of the most despicable men in Washington…..New York’s Charles Schumer (D) and Illinois’ Dick Durbin (D)…

And you wonder why we’re in the mess we’re in….


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