The President’s ‘To Do’ List…


As the country continues life in the economic doldrums, the number one concern on the mind of our President is 2012…re-election. Despite the fact this administration has been an utter disaster, as with most politicians, Mr. Obama’s priority is another term in office.

If you follow current events with only a passing interest, this one is not that hard to figure out. A brief look at the Administration’s strategy and it’s obvious…..

  1. The President announces a withdrawal plan for Afghanistan…hoping that will draw support across the board….
  2. The Administration taps the Strategic Oil Reserve in hopes of driving down oil prices….a risky move, given that supply is not an issue….
  3. President Obama is set join the fray over the stalled debt talks…inviting Senators to separate meetings….never mind the fact he has not the slightest clue about any fix whatsoever…
  4. The Administration is planning to send “customers” into the field where they will attempt to obtain appointments with various medical professionals…the plan is to expose the difficulty consumers face in acquiring care…again, never mind that so many physicians have left medicine and fewer individuals are entering the profession due to the looming disaster known as ‘Obamacare’…
Just a few items that show how “transparent” this President is….Of course, the unintended consequences are what continue to plague the Administration and I’m sure these ploys will be no different. In the end, the American taxpayer suffers the consequences. That alone should be more than enough to defeat Mr. Obama in the 2012 election. It’s up to you!

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