What Have You Done?

To: The President of the United States, Barack H. Obama; The Honorable John A Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives; The Honorable Harry M. Reid, United States Senate Majority Leader; The Honorable John G. Roberts. Jr., Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court


As the titular heads of government, or the closest we have to it, these concerns are directed at you. Hopefully, they will eventually make their way to your countless subordinates.

With all due respect, what have you done to our country?

Recent years have seen the prospects for our collective future diminish at an ever increasing rate. I’m sure I speak for millions of Americans when I say I am frightened and discouraged. Under your “leadership”, we have seen a once prosperous society reduced to one immersed in fear and divisiveness. Unfortunately, that description will likely be accurate for years to come.

My belief is it comes down to a simple lack of understanding between right and wrong. We have become a nation of accommodation rather than a nation of laws. Individuals and groups have managed to pervert the authority of government to their own selfish ends. Instead of standing up for the rule of law, you have encouraged and empowered this effort. Government in the United States on nearly every level has continued to grow into an all encompassing force directing nearly every aspect of our mortal existence. You continue to advance the school of thought that government directives can correct and balance every possible point of contention one may encounter. I seriously doubt that was the intention of those that founded the United States.

With the exponential growth of oversight comes the unfathomable expense and an out of control spending spree continues to accelerate. There are those that question this practice, yet they continue to be mischaracterized and demeaned for their concern. Again, I fault those in power for promoting this misconception. Of course, I can understand why. Those in positions of power, first and foremost, must maintain that position. The rest of us pay the price for that practice…literally. While you all jockey for politically expedient positions on issues, you fail to realize your lack of allegiance to those you claim to serve.

Mr. Obama, your election in 2008 was hailed as a milestone in United States history. And indeed it was. Unfortunately, you have taken your accomplishment and somehow changed it into an authority to redirect this country. Your perception of past misdeeds and policies is unfounded and unfair. You present yourself with an arrogance unfitting for the office of President. Along with your fellow Democrats, you and Mr. Reid have pursued an agenda which the vast majority of Americans do not want and do not understand. And the latter is not due to the former. You continue to play to fear and mistrust among a segment you feel you can count on to continue your stay in office. Your promises and rewards are based upon maintaining behavior most in this country do not aspire to. Yet, it has become the central essence of your party’s existence. Tell them what they want to hear has become your motto. The truth be damned. Outlandish remarks and lies have become your mission statement. You should be ashamed to call yourself Americans.

Mr. Boehner, you were given a mandate with the elections of 2010. Rather than govern from that premise, you continue to squander the trust you were given. The Republican party continues to play along to get along in Washington. The Tea party was and is a true, grass roots effort to take back the power government continues to gorge itself upon. You continue to allow the Democrats and their media allies to set the narrative while you meekly respond. On issue after issue, your position has been allowed to be shaped into something it is not. I am asking you to have the fortitude and conviction to stand up for your principles.

Mr. Roberts, I have no qualms about the actions of the Supreme Court. At least, not now. Along judicial lines, however, it does concern me that federal judges can simply invalidate laws on a whim. Our judicial system has become nothing more than a resource for those who oppose such laws to effect change. The roots of the law does not matter. Recent rulings concerning strict anti illegal immigration laws enacted by various states come to mind. The fact the federal government has completely failed on that matter is a concern unto itself.

I realize that selfishness motivates most of our problems as a nation. And it will continue to do so. Nevertheless, I expect a bit more out of those we entrust with our future. Sadly, it does not encourage me when an electorate can be swayed with platitudes and speeches. I really thought we were a more intelligent people than that. Maybe not.

This country is unique in its very existence. But, we are in serious danger of losing that. We cannot afford to allow a government indifferent to reality to lead us to oblivion. And right now, you are moving us in that direction with increasing speed. I implore you to consider the consequences.

Our future depends upon it.


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